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map and computersIf you’re wondering what 2011 might have in store in the fast moving digital world, some recent research from The Futures Company ht gives a taste of the year ahead.

–          Shock, horror, Facebook set to decline!  One of the findings (backed up by other surveys) is that we are likely to start to see a decrease in the popularity of the ubiquitous social media site as many teenagers now consider it to be, like uncool, as it has been hi-jacked by the over 30s, mainly their parents!

 –          A massive increase in multiplayer online games is expected and, along with larger numbers of users, there will be more brands looking to this medium as a way of engaging with mass audiences.  Korea’s Dungeon Fighter Online holds the current record for simultaneous participation with 2.2m people!

 –          In terms of mobile, it is predicted that a smartphone for less that $200 (£64) will soon be launched as Asian manufacturers having already rolled-out entry-level handsets in Africa and Asia

 –          Don’t worry if pushing the button on the remote is too much like hard work, next year a new device is due to hit the couch potato market.  Known as a ‘brush TV’, it will allow viewers to change channels just by moving in a certain way, and is an extension of Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect

 –          Interestingly, with the growth of e-books, there are fears that piracy will hit the publishing world in much the way it has devastated music and film

 –          And one last worrying thought, with online video now making up more than half of US internet traffic, there are very real concerns that gadgets like the iPad may actually lead to a cyber catastrophe with the entire internet imploding due to the sheer volume of traffic…

You can also find some more interesting predictions in this blog from Tamar.

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